HIATUS (teen_acne) wrote in weekly_comm,

i was gonna delete this community but had a change of heart. it's now on a member-request basis. and here's a mind-numbing comm. for you;

submitted indirectly by klonopins

Darth's Gothic Billy Joel Comunity

comm info: "Well, I went looking for a Billy Joel comunity that shared my "dark" perspective on life and music and Billy Joel, and was devistated to find that there weren't any! So, I created this comunity as a place for goths and other dark spirited types to gather and discus the one thing that bonds us all... Billy Joel and his music!

so, without further adu, I present you with Darth Vader's Gothic Billy Joel Comunity!

And remember... "Hot funk, cool punk, even if it's old junk... It's still rock and roll to me""
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